Investment Process

It’s not coincidence that certain investors continually do well while others continually fail.  These investors who have done substantially better than the masses all have one thing in common:  their process!

We work with you to build a customizable process so you too can most efficiently achieve your investing goals and future needs.

We understand that everyone has different investment goals. It’s our job to listen to you, ask the appropriate questions, and then work together to develop the best possible solution for your investments.

Plunkett Wealth Management has a custom 3-step process that has been tailored to provide clients successful results and a great experience.


Opportunity to learn about your financial goals and the planning you have in place to achieve them. Focus on your unique experiences and views about money. Important factors include:

  • Liquidity Needs
  • Investment Experience
  • Time Horizon
  • Attitude Towards Risk
  • Long Term Goals
  • Legacy Planning
Analyze Current Portfolio

Review your current portfolio by combining all of your existing holdings and analyzes them to determine areas that may be:

  • Lacking in diversification
  • Tax inefficient
  • Holding underperforming or high fee investments
  • Process used to make investment decisions

Evaluates if your current portfolio is providing the best risk adjusted return.

Investment Policy Statement

Formalizes the investment relationship with you and your advisor. Ensures you and your advisor understand the advisor’s role, and accountability. We outline the appropriate trading strategy though a disciplined ongoing process focused on four key elements:

  • Income Needs
  • Return Goals
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Tax Considerations

This is a written agreement that outlines how your investments will be managed and how often your investments will be personally reviewed between you and your advisor.